Brownville App  Design 

    This app design is intended for the town of brownville as an interactive app to use on their historical trail. My main idea was to find Benny the Brownville Bear. The idea is to have Benny placed along the trail and have people scan the QR and obtain a prize or discounts at the stores seen in town. 


    The wire frame was created using miro but gives the basic functionality of the app

Poster Design

    These posters were designed to give a brief description of the app and the process of creating the fully functional app. 


Link to the app Interface


    The final mockup of the app shows the home screen, startup screen, information screen, and scanning QR code screen. For this project after researching Brownville I learned more about the history and tried my best to only keep the important information but need to edit down the necessities of the information. 

Frank Timperley Portfolio — Lincoln, Nebraska