Queer History

Publication designs that talk about queer history.  
This topic is not discussed enough in schools and I wanted to show the rich history of the Queer community. There aren’t alot of publications surrounded by the history of queer people it is usually just about the Individuals.

Audre lorde

  Was a renowned African-American poet, writer, and activist. She used her powerful words to advocate for racial and gender equality. Lorde's works explored themes of identity, love, and social justice. As a feminist and lesbian, she played a crucial role in empowering marginalized communities and challenging societal norms. Lorde's legacy remains an enduring symbol of courage, resilience, and liberation.

On the cover of each book there would be an important figure of queer culture   

Back Cover Process

Inspirations from other projects

    The process towards the final product is shown through these inspirations from other projects. I enjoyed the use of jagged edges while also incorporating works of Audre Lorde

Frank Timperley Portfolio — Lincoln, Nebraska