Coded Youth

    This project was my Capstone at UNL. The work breaks down how gender centered design influences child development. I was intrigued by how much of an impact childhood can have on a person. My main goal of this project was to teach people about gendered design and how to look for positive examples in everyday products. 


    I started off by gaining research and learning more about gendered design and the way design impacts child development. Throughout this time, I also took a child development course at UNL to help with my research, If that wasn’t enough research I also interviewed a development professor at UNO to. Through this research I learned more about my topic and shifted my ideas towards what the research discussed.


I came up with my idea to have my capstone project resemble a picture book! I was inspired by Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin, Jr. and John Archambault. So I created these charecters called lil Craz’ils  to show how gender is a part of life but does not define who that person is especially in picture books.
Fun Fact: I came up with the name lil Craz’ils while working on this project, A friend told me I said “this is Crazy” constantly especially working on coded youth. So I thought I’d call these characters lil Craz’ils!


Along with the research I also created a series of animations and scenes to be shown with my information the thought process of this was to show that gender is seen in design especially marketing.

Link to animations:

In every animation there is a lil Craz’ils that’s hiding can you find them all?

Final Outcome

This project was seen at UNL Capstone show in 2023 It was an experience! IT was really successful I enjoyed talking about my project and what I learned from the experience. 

Frank Timperley Portfolio — Lincoln, Nebraska