Hate to Cook Love to Eat

    This app is user-friendly and designed to assist individuals who dislike cooking or struggle to find time to prepare meaks. In the the app there is an option to select what they have in their fridge or pantry to save them a trip to the store. Users can prepare delicious and nutritious meals effortlessly, even with limited skills or busy schedules.

Mockups with the help from Freepix



The App 

    There are alot of different features seen throughout this app. Recipes designed with dietary restrictions and ingredients they have in their fridge or pantry in mind, a social aspect to stay connected with their favorite chefs, and an easy and convient way to make a shopping list to help with their busy schedules. 

Mockups with the help from Graphiccrew on Frepix

Exciting Progress to come shortly, stay tuned! Working on this Project in Figma!

Frank Timperley Portfolio — Lincoln, Nebraska