2D Animation


All of these project use procreate and after effects. 

These are Trying times.

    This project shows a rabbit and a squrriel in the middle of a disagreement over acorns and their plan of resolving this issue. 

Zoo Escape!

    This project shows a walk cycle of an octopus escaping the zoo. While leaving a trail of water behind showing the  zoo keepers exactly were the octopus is going.


Human Husk

    This is an enviroment where the world is constantly changing. Everything is alive in this view while they were changing they interact with each other. 

Lone Expanse

    This project was a world building exploration where a group and I created a world that praise a blue acid called Azoth. We eached created inhabitants and enviroments that are seen in this world. The enviroment is full of plateaus and deserts that helped the creatures hide from enemies with their strong long nails they are able to carve through the rocks to find Azoth and minerals to sell in the markets. Knarf for example  creates homes for a living and minerals to sell to the markets in the plateaus.

Lone Expanse Sign on leather 

Inhabitant seen in the Lone Expanse

Close up of an enol (Small Market)

Plant seen in the enviroment 

Symbols seen throughout the Lone Expanse

Frank Timperley Portfolio — Lincoln, Nebraska